Master of Medical Sciences

As part of the degree of Master of Medical Sciences, we offer specialized field of study in 'Physics in Radiation Oncology and Medical Imaging' which provides students with professional knowledge about the clinical physics in oncology, radiology & its medical application. It also allows students to do dedicated research projects in our specialized fields towards a dissertation for the degree.

Our field of study provide specialized modules in the following areas:

*Compulsory Course

We accept students from various background including but not limited to medical, radiography, medical physics, or engineering. The programme is a taught programme and can be taken as full-time (1-year course) or part-time (2-year course). Classes are usually after 6:30pm on weekdays or at weekends to accommodate working students. We also accept occasional students wishing to take particular modules only.

For application and further details, please visit:  Master of Medical Sciences I Taught Postgraduate Admissions I The University of Hong Kong