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Sumitomo HM-12S Medical Cyclotron

Sumitomo HM-12S Medical Cyclotron is a compact type cyclotron with self-shielding. HM-12S has the following characteristics:

  • Dual Particle Acceleration: Proton acceleration for F-18, N-13 and C-11 by energy at 12 MeV and Deuteron Acceleration for O-15 by energy at 6 MeV.
  • Target System: Each Targets in 2 Beam Ports (Maximum 8 Targets can be installed). Dual port irradiation is available.
  • High Performance Target Yield: High performance target available for high beam current.
FDG Synthesizer F300E

FDG Synthesizer F300E is a quick, compact and automatic synthesizer especially for the FDG production. 

F300E has the following characteristics:

  • Compact in size and easy to be placed in most of the “Hot Cell” or shield hood.
  • Easy for preparation and quick for synthesis.
  • Individual packed cassette (sterilized by electron beam and sealed up) is used for each synthesis process.
  • Computerize synthesis program accompany with the checking program to “Check during Preparation” to trouble shooting and prevent the troubles that occurs by starting the synthesizer.
Sumitomo HM-12S Medical Cyclotron

Sumitomo HM-12S Medical Cyclotron

Sumitomo HM-12S Medical Cyclotron

D200a Semi-Automatic Dispenser
D200a Semi-Automatic Dispenser

D200a Semi-Automatic Dispenser to dispense FDG (in vial or in unit dose/syringe)

CFN synthesizer
CFN synthesizer

CFN synthesizer is a radioactive tracer synthesizer to produce various radioactive tracers such as F-18 Choline, F-18 MISO, F-18 FLT, C-11 Acetate, C-11 Choline and C-11 Methionine, etc.

Hot Cell
Hot Cell

Hot Cell to accommodate the synthesizer, dispenser and also provide a place to handle radioactive substance. Each side of the Hot Cell (the four sides and the top and the bottom) is made from 75 mm lead to provide excellent radiation protection to operators.

Other instruments
Instruments for Quality Control of the produced radioactive tracer (including FDG). Instruments including GC, HPLC, Radioactive TLC, PTS system, pH meter, Multi channel analyzer and bacterial culture.
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